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does anyone else read the lips of people on gifs to figure out which part of the subtitles they are saying

And then get annoyed that they’re saying like 3 of the 20 words.

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OKCupid asks Firefox users to switch to another browser due to its CEO’s opposition to gay marriage (via @SaraLang)




OKCupid asks Firefox users to switch to another browser due to its CEO’s opposition to gay marriage (via @SaraLang)


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"Marlowe, I need you to watch Lottie for a moment while I go make lunch if you could." Grell held the baby girl out in front of her, watching her giggle.



Marlowe smiled, reaching over. “Sure, I can do that… what’re y’ makin’~?” he asked as he took the infant in his arms and bounced her slightly.

"We’ll just be a family full of sillies then." Grell smiled at the two. The baby opened her mouth a little to obey her father, looking at the spoon expectantly.

Marlowe grinned, nodding. “Oi, I don’t ‘ave a problem with that, long as neither of y’ do either~” He looked down and carefully slid the spoon into Charlotte’s mouth. “Ahhh, yummy isn’t it?”

What Dreams Are Made Of
Hilary Duff




Do you love life? Because THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF

Insane Asylum AU || closed || comingupscarlet


"Oh?" He looks over at her…him…a touch of surprise in his gaze. "Well my deepest apologies then good Sir," he smiles, looping his arm around hers in a much more ladylike fashion.

"Do lead on, if you would be so kind…I’d really quite like for us to be able to go and relax and get back to our story."

She smiled back, feeling a small part of her actually enjoying this. That odd moment earlier could be quickly forgiven and forgotten, she supposed; it was probably the lasting effect of any medication they’d given him when he first got here. “It’s alright, y’re not the first who’s made that mistake…”

Pulling open the door to lead out of the library, she held it and waited for him to go through. “Ladies first… ‘n’ we’ll get back soon enough, I want it as quick as possible.”

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Marlowe grinned and immediately jumped to wrap her arms around him. “Grell!!”

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Lady - Lover - Liar [ the-blonde-butler ]


The lady tensed at the sudden embrace, but when she heard her lover’s voice, she let out a deep sigh of relief. “Marlowe,” she breathed, glancing back at the blonde over her shoulder. The slightest smile curved her lips, and her eyes softened in a very convincing look of affection. “I was beginning to worry.” She turned in the butler’s grasp and wrapped her arms around Marlowe’s shoulders, holding her close. Her every word was a warm breath against her lover’s lips.

"What kept you, darling?" Her gloved fingers combed gently through the butler’s blonde hair; she’d gotten so good at playing this part that she had almost convinced herself as well. Almost. Her next words, however, were entirely genuine: “It was that little brat master of yours, wasn’t it? He was the one keeping us apart.”

Marlowe giggled happily, feeling so much more at ease now that she was with her lover. Then again it was only to be expected that a lady’s presence would make a gentleman feel more peaceful, wasn’t it? She gave the lady’s middle a careful, affectionate squeeze before the redhead turned, and keeping her arms around the lady’s waist, she leaned in for a kiss.

It didn’t come yet, but… soon. Soon, Mar, jus’ be patient, right? It’s a virtue; good things come ta those who wait. And till then she had the warm air from her lady’s lovely red lips to tide her over. “Y’ shouldn’t worry about me… I’d never jus’ leave y’, I love y’ too much ta stay away. ‘N’ even if someday I do, not show up, it’s prolly outta my control ‘n’ I’ll be really really sorry… not, not that that’ll ever ‘appen! It won’t, I swear. Jus’ a, uh, y’ know, what’s the word…? ‘Ypothetical situation, that’s it.”

The smile faded a bit when her master was mentioned, and instead she chuckled. “Shhh, it wasn’t ‘is fault completely. ‘E ‘ad some paperwork ta do… I can’t leave till ev’ryone in the manor’s asleep. Y’ might as well blame Pluto too, damn dog goes pacin’ around the back door ev’ry night I’m s’posed ta ever leave… like ‘e knows, like ‘e doesn’t want me ta go… it’s odd… I’m never stopped though, so, so I’ll always come!”