Bloody Knife Marlowe Flynn, the Blonde Butler~!

Marlowe Flynn, the Blonde Butler~!



"Of course you can come!" She cheered "maybe we could do a couples costume thing" she blushed as a smile remained on her lips

Laughing, he leaned to kiss her cheek. “Oh, that’d be really cute!”

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Bryan ran but slipped and fell on the floor.

Laughing, Marlowe reached up into the cupboard and pulled down a box of coffee, dumping it down onto the other. “That’s what y’ get!”


"Hmm" Soul thought curiously "I think I’ll pay a visit to the costume shop after we have tea then"

He grinned, nodding. “That sounds like fun, mind if I come along? I ‘aven’t found a good costume yet…’

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"Alright then," giving her a quick, reassuring smile, he turned and headed toward the bathroom, turning the water on and adding some bath oil for scent. He gathered towels and set them to the side for her, along with a brush for her hair.

"Take as long as you need, I’ll leave the clothes outside the door, as I said. And just shout if you need anything. Alright?"

She followed immediately, watching for a moment and eager to get in. She should have taken care of it all herself, she was the gentleman after all, but he offered first; she’d just have to make sure to thank him a lot later.

Smiling as she stepped into the bathroom, she nodded. “Mhm, thanks! I’ll do somethin’ nice like this fer y’ too later, I promise~”

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I just saw that post about the baby onesies complaining about "heteronormative sexuality " being pushed on the different genders. The for guys says "girls like chubby dudes" and the girls said something about waiting for a man. I personally don't like it because ITS FOR FREAKING BABIES WHY WOULD YOU PUT STUFF LIKE THAT ON AN INFANTS CLOTHING. Your take?



Why are they getting so worked up over baby’s clothing? Babies dont’ give a fuck what’s on their clothes, what they look like, or anything. THEY’RE BABIES. DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND HOW BABIES WORK???

-the Polish one


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Soul sat down “thank you” she smiled to Marlowe “I forgot to ask, is it a masquerade ball or a regular ball?”

Marlowe smiled back, taking a seat in the chair next to her. “Oh, right—! It’s a ball fer ‘Alloween, so, y’ can dress up as somethin’ if y’ want.”

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"Am I… stupid?

"Kid Again" (( I'm on break right now so I'll answer this later, it was too cute for me to pass up x3 okay bye bye I was never here XD *rolls away into the break hole* ))



Grell was looking around in confusion. He had no idea where he was, or where his parents or siblings were. He sat down on the ground and hugged his knees. “Mummy? Daddy?” He called out.

Grell reached out and took Marlowe’s hand.

"Nice Marlowe!" Marlowe was much nicer than Grell’s brother, Marcus. He was always pushing Grell around and stealing his things.

Laughing softly, Marlowe straightened up a bit, gently wrapping his fingers around the child’s tiny ones. “Awww, well, I’m glad y’ think so, darlin’. Y’ doin’ alright now?”